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Update: In the Item Updating event, I created a manual Update query as follows: I already had the Data Key Names set to the one fey field, security_cd, still e. If I change the Conflict Detection to Overwrite Changes, it loads the key value only. When you say "..fill in all the parameters in Item Deleting", Hi: I think some code can help to understand how to do as to this case.

I have not been able to get it to fill all three fields. protected void Grid View5_Row Deleting(object sender, Grid View Delete Event Args e) protected void Object Data Source1_Deleting(object sender, Object Data Source Method Event Args e) Update Method="Update" Conflict Detection="Compare All Values" Old Values Parameter Format String="original_" ID="Object Data Source1" runat="server" Delete Method="Delete" Select Method="Select" Type Name="Class5" ondeleting="Object Data Source1_Deleting" the BLL: Select method: returns a Data Table, involving columns the ID, the Name........theunique ID Delete method: public void Delete(int original_the ID,string original_the Name, Date Time original_the Date,bool original_the Sex,bool original_the Boolean,string original_the Korean, string original_thenew, string original_theunique, string original_theunique ID) Note we should add all the parameters with "original_" prefix to delete method. You'll see the logic is like: Grid View's Row Deleting fires first and then Object Data Source take it over and add a prefix "original_" to it's own Object Data Source Method Event Args's property.

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Formview itemupdating objectdatasource

Security Description, between when I enter Edit mode and when I click Update, the Compare All Values setting will cause the exception to be raised. Thank you and I really appreciate your responsiveness. Values structure, the structure is empty, and below, I'm using the contents of the Form View control instead.

Allen, Another question that's really puzzling me, please. This works kind of ok if all the fields in the table are represented in the Form View control, but fails if there are "hidden" fields not represented in the control that should also be checked. Values structure be filled prior to the firing of the xxx_Item Deleting event?

The parameters of the methods are the 3 fields with no prefix for Insert, the original_ prefix for Delete and both sets for Update. Add With Value for all parameters followed by a call to my lower-level class methods which are generic Select, Delete, Insert and Update which will apply to all single table access for now, and will be extended with overloads for more complex access.

I do have one last anomaly that I hope you can help with as well.

Here's the idea: protected void Form View1_Item Deleting(object sender, Form View Delete Event Args e) As to your new problem I suggest you to wait for the reply from newsgroup.

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