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Itqan al Quran is the application for those who want to Hifz the Holy Quran, this application will help user Learning ayat sequentially and test himself by clicking Random ayat.There are three modes of learning i.e Chapter, Hizb or Surah.With the event, they can ask for specific gifts from invited people instead of them giving any unwanted gifts. Gift items can be added from Flipkart, Amazon or custom product.

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Gift Metro is a gamified auction platform where users can signup, buy credits and start to bid for amazing auctions.

They can also purchase amazing gifts like ,buy $50 Amazon, Macy's and Nordstrom gift cards for just 75¢.

User can use the web interface to connect with their vendors, and the vendors/ shopkeepers can add their repairing parts on the app listing, get the expertise of Movie-Ranker is the very first movie-related social media tool, which let's the users to discover the best movies and movie recommendations with a tap on thier Smartphone.

Users can discover movies that match their preferences and share & receive movie recommendations with their friends.

Tap on a newsfeed item to open a popup player that's designed for easy consuming - reading a text, looking at photos, watching videos, listening to songs, or tour dates presented on a calendar.

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