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But he betrayed her trust when he solicited her for sex and obtained nude pictures of her.

“When you have what happened, it’s just crazy,” the girl told Judge Porkony.

(10) Discrimination by State and local governments on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, housing, and public accommodations, and in programs and activities receiving Federal financial assistance, violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

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Lodwick, who was a patrol supervisor, was called off the road and arrested and has been in the county jail ever since.

He was accused of soliciting a juvenile for sex between April 9 and May 23, 2013, and again June 6 of that year, just before he was to report for work on the midnight shift; he also was accused of obtaining pictures of a nude juvenile and viewing other pictures of a nude juvenile.

Many places of public accommodation also recognize the economic imperative to offer goods and services to as many consumers as possible.

(6) Regular and ongoing discrimination against LGBTQ people, as well as women, in accessing public accommodations contributes to negative social and economic outcomes, and in the case of public accommodations operated by State and local governments, abridges individuals’ constitutional rights.

The victim told Judge Porkony that it will be hard for her to trust someone in authority, such as a police officer, because of what happened to her.

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