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The materials used in the diapers have minimal chemical changes and can still be used after a period of time.If they are exposed to dust, moisture, and direct sunlight, the stickiness of the adhesive tapes may be reduced, or the diaper may show slight discolouration. Store the diaper packs in a clean and dry area away from direct sunlight, before and after opening.Have some fun with cloth diapers and other useful ideas.

We require a proof of purchase for all exchanges and replacements, as well as a photograph of the item, if the item is not being returned.

We will only accept products purchased from an approved Lil Helper retailer or from our website.

We have provided a video explaining the correct procedure for undoing the snaps.

How to Undo the Snaps Properly Warranty is void when: No refunds are available on starter kits and lite diaper kits. Refunds and exchanges will only be issued for any unused and unwashed products that can be re-sold, except in the case of manufacturer defect.

Perfect for the time-starved host, these stunning centerpieces are both beautiful and practical.

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