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"Each screening is memorable," Nishikawa told Leslie Yamaguchi. Dave "Bullseye" Fukushima), Kipp Shiotani (Corporal Johnny "Nomu" Nomura), Ryun Yu (Pvt. Traci Murase (Frances Nakajo), Jennifer Aquino (Grace Nakajo), Gina Hiraizumi (Eleanor Takase), Sharon Omi (Charlene Naganuma), Takayo Fischer (Mrs.

"The response from the audience, the gratitude from the veterans.... Nakajo) Learn more in the Densho Encyclopedia, a free on-line resource covering the key concepts, people, events, and organizations that played a role in the forced removal and incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.

RGMedia Type:films; Title: Only the Brave; Creators:; Interest Level: Grades 9-12; Adult; Reading Level:; Guided Reading Level:; Lexile:; Theme: Death – inevitable or tragedy; Power of the past; Role of men; War – glory, necessity, pain, tragedy; Genre: War; Drama; Po V: Told from perspective of Nisei soldier and veteran; Related Events:; Availability: Widely available; Free Web Version: No; Primary Secondary:; Has Teaching Aids: No; Warnings: Wartime violence; Densho Topic:; Geography:; Chronology:1941–44; 1953; Facility: Manzanar [7] - Manzanar, California; Rohwer [9] - Mc Gehee, Arkansas; Title: Only the Brave; Date:2006; Genre: Drama; Released:; Director: Lane Nishikawa; Producer: Eric Hayashi; Joy Koiwai; Karen Criswell; Lane Nishikawa; Writer: Lane Nishikawa; Screenplay:; Story:; Based On:; Narrator:; Starring: Lane Nishikawa (Sgt. In taking and clearing a French town, one of his men, Nomu (Kipp Shiotani) is killed and others, including Jimmy, are wounded. As the story follows the men as they proceed through France and gear up for the rescue of the Lost Battalion, frequent flashbacks (which might also be hallucinations from Jimmy's head injury) fill in the back story of the various men: Freddy Watada (Greg Watanabe) telling his girlfriend Emily (Emily Liu) he is enlisting and explaining why he doesn't want to get married yet; Dr.

William Terry); Pat Noriyuki Morita (Seigo Takata); Greg Watanabe (Private Freddy Watada); Ken Narasaki (Dr. We go back to France in 1944 when Jimmy, a sergeant, commands his men in battle.

As part of the Universal Studios Independent Film Program, Nishikawa was able to film 85 percent of the film on the Universal back lot and also got access to pre- and post-production services.

Shot in eighteen days in May 2004, Nishikawa also shot at the Japan-America Theater in Los Angeles Little Tokyo (most of the flashbacks including the concentration camp scenes) and at Ernest E.

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