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Peruse these dating musings when you’re looking for a serious perspective on modern dating issues. Divorced Girl Smiling: At Toyboy Warehouse, we know how divorce affects you when it comes to getting back on the horse again.Luckily Divorced Girl Smiling‘s blog is devoted to just that.They’re weary; their self-esteem isn't what it used to be.

A Mind Blowing…Mental Connection We women are always searching for the kind of connection that goes deeper than the physical.

The kind of connection that surpasses the physical.

This is one of the things we have strived to change by running this group since day one - the way our relationships are seen by the world.

We know that not only are we ourselves intensely proud of our relationships, but we strive to show them off to society as PROUD #Quad Wives and #Para Wives.

Now is the perfect time for the backward thinking (that still does exist, unfortunately) to be left in the dust, and for people to see others for who they are, not for what they may seem to be by their appearance. Below are some meaningful conclusions I have come to know by being surrounded by strong, powerful and resilient WAGS of SCI over the years.

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