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Skilled personnel was in short supply and many newspapers closed, never to reopen.

They also released a soundtrack album 20 marking both the band's 20-plus year legacy in entertainment business and the release of their biopic, this album included a new track written by singer Ne-Yo, "Meant to Be".

“Being in those areas, and experiencing visceral poverty, and seeing kids who don’t have a very basic thing, which is something to eat, it wasn’t something I could walk away from.

Eighteen years ago, I wrote an article for a magazine that got me called in for a taped interview with a Fox TV morning news anchor.

Then I we’ve got it…” I looked at the cameraman, who seemed much less ebullient and flirtatious now than when we’d started. But then the anchorman leaned forward and gave me advice aimed at teaching me how to emote better on television. The responsibility to fill the space is not all yours.” A-ha.

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