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According to legend, the word cougar was originally used as a derogatory term for older women who would frequent bars and go home with whoever was left by the end of the night.In recent years, however, the term has been given a more positive connotation - it's now used for mature ladies who have the money and confidence to get what they want.“He told me that he had financial problems and some issues with stuff.“Last October he told me that he tried to kill himself.

“But they were not interested for long after they found out how very weird he was.

They really didn’t want to know.“Jutting was very athletic, he did rowing and cross-country running and went on to be a Blue in rowing at Cambridge.

The Cambridge-educated banker was a magnet for girls because of his athletic physique and brilliant academic record at the £34,000-a-year school But girlfriends quickly dumped the “arrogant oddball” who appeared in a Hong Kong court yesterday charged with butchering two prostitutes at his luxury flat.

One former classmate said: “He got a lot of attention from the ladies for his sporting prowess.

He had moved to Hong Kong from London in July last year and recently quit his high-flying job at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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