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A confused World War I soldier spends his first day in the trenches and the Welsh women of Fishguard defeat a French invasion without even trying.CBBCAll episodes Series 3 - Episode 12Historical sketch show.The people of Strasbourg are afflicted with 'dance fever' and HHTV presenter Fearne Polyester reports from a bizarre Greek festival.

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One of the first additions to the franchise was a series of magazines in 2003. In late 2003 the Horrible Histories Magazine Collection, a series of magazines based on Terry Deary's book series.

They were published by Eaglemoss Publications, distributed by Cornag Magazine Marketing, printed by UK company Headley Bros, colour originated by Icon Reproductions, and released every fortnight.

Gory Games is a children's game show, and is a spin-off to the 2009 series. Each episode has 3 contestants competing in challenges to collect Year Spheres.

The writers and cast of the 2009 series were responsible for the 2015 family adventure comedy film Bill, a fictional imagining of what happened during the 'lost years' of William Shakespeare's life.

The CBBC series was a relative latecomer to the party in 2009; before that, in 2001-2, there were two series of an animated version that never really took off, then in 2006 the Birmingham Stage Company secured the stage rights and has been touring with Horrible Histories stage productions ever since.

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