How to protect yourself from dating violence

It's their job to advise and assist on ways to keep victims safe and stop the harassment.

They can provide critical information about state anti-stalking laws and your options, help you devise a safety plan, and refer you to local services including emergency shelters.

It is often difficult to predict when and how a stalker will act or whether the unwanted intrusions into the victim's life will escalate into physical or sexual assaults.

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Steps Victims can take The following suggestions cannot guarantee your safety but are practical steps that may reduce your risk of physical and mental harm and provide you and your family with better protection against stalking.

Seek Advice from a Trained Victim Assistance Professional Victim assistance providers are trained to assist and support crime victims.

Whatever means a stalker uses, the process of stalking induces fear and disrupts the lives of victims. Stalkers are often socially maladjusted, emotionally immature, insecure and jealous by nature.

Like perpetrators of domestic violence, who often stalk their partners, they seek to exert power and control over the victim. A minority (usually stranger stalkers) suffer from mental health disorders (such as paranoid schizophrenia or manic depression) and exhibit delusional thought patterns or behaviours. Stalking can lead to physical violence resulting in serious injury or even death.

This recognizs that the perpetrator's repeated, uninvited pursuit of the victim is by its nature frightening and threatening.

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