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The myths that only men want sex and all the time and then that women are constantly not wanting until they give in is just NOT active in Iceland.Women and men and equal sexual beings and like with all things it’s just personal.Some are hailing it as a welcome solution to a very Icelandic form of social embarrassment.

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He also hopes it won't convey the wrong impression about Iceland. Adalsteinsson stresses that the app has other, less sexual uses.

"We added a birthday calendar to make sure you don't forget your relatives' birthdays," he said.

Not so related but because we can look it up it might seem like it! Icelanders are not much into the whole “can I take you out for a first date“ in the formal matter of sitting down at a nice restaurant.

Most of my friends say that this is just too much pressure.

This does not necessarily have to mean sex, just sharing a bed and the rest is totally up to you two. Whether it is the fact that they are not having any or having a lot is discussed especially in groups of friends.

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