Is chace crawford dating jessica szohr

The original series followed a group of wealthy New York ...

A 'Gossip Girl' reboot is coming to HBO Max–and fans are not happy with the casting details The Daily Dot Attentions Upper Eastsiders, do I have some news for you: 'Gossip Girl' is returning in reboot form to HBO Max, Warner Bros' streaming *service*. Here’s What the Cast Says Glamour Here's everything the "Gossip Girl" cast has said about the show returning.

Leighton Meester who plays as Blair Waldorf is now with Adam Brody, Blake Lively who played as Serena van der Woodsen is with Ryan Reynolds. Well it is clearly known that Ed Westwick started dating Jessica Szohr, but they broke up only after two years of being together.

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As we know, Chuck Bass has some connotations with the bad boy attitude and in the series he is madly in love with Blair Waldorf.

But his Blair Waldorf in reality must be Jessica Szohr!

Gossip Girl: HBO Max Orders Revival of CW TV Series - canceled TV shows TV Series Finale Is Gossip Girl returning?

Deadline reports HBO Max has ordered a revival of the popular CW TV show.

After the end of TV series Gossip Girl, fans from all over the world are wanting more and more.

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