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One of this group's such achievements to date is starring together in the music video for "Bad Blood," which won the MTV Video of the Year Award. However, she is appropriating the term "squad" without ever acknowledging where it came from.

When you look at the history of the word "squad" and its original meaning, it's easy to see it points to a very small group of underdogs.

The problem is, though, that it's merely a symbol of White Feminism.

All-inclusive, intersectional feminism — the kind of feminism we need to see displayed today from women in positions of power like Taylor — means not being limited to the able-bodied, Anglo-Saxon, cis straight women on magazine covers.

We're only a few months apart in age, so I feel like we sort of grew up together.

But as much as I adored her in our teenage years, particularly during the "Love Story" days, we've gone our separate ways recently.

The landscape and wild animals are mere props in a storyline that painfully echoes European imperialism.

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