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I think Joan Chen is now the last official holdout, the sole super-prominent Asian actress who hasn’t defected to the Asian Female Celebrity Club. I think Reggie Lewis said it well: Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?

(He happened to be a black man married to an Asian woman.) Why do White guys have all the fun?

He also starred in Cameron Crowe's directorial debut film, Say Anything... Cusack played a con artist in Stephen Frears' 1990 neo-noir film The Grifters.

After establishing New Crime Productions, Cusack co-wrote the screenplay for and starred in George Armitage's crime film Grosse Pointe Blank (1997), in which he played an assassin who goes to his 10-year high school reunion to win back his high school sweetheart.

Cusack endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders in his 20 presidential bids.

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