Justinterracialdating com

We still had our account from when we tested out Interracial Dating and we confirmed that we could find the exact same members on both sites.Our best guess is that they know their site sucks, but they are hoping that very dumb people will pay for memberships on both accounts, giving them double the money.

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We tried a number of tactics when we tested out Interracial Dating and none of them worked.

And trust us, they work when you are on sites with real, legit members, but there’s nothing you can do when you only have dead accounts, fake profiles, and scammers to work with.

We’re pretty sure at this point that Interracial is just trying to lure you into giving them your credit card information.

Even if any of these features actually work, it doesn’t matter because as we’ve already said, Interracial is a SCAM.

We’ve reviewed a number of great interracial dating sites on Interracial Dating Fun, but Interracial is NOT one of them.

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