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Often, these stone knives would be adorned with leather wrappings and sometimes fur on their handles, creating the familiar dagger shape we know of today. Stone was largely abandoned as a blade material (with rare exception), as metals like copper and bronze made for much more effective and durable cutting tools.

In large part, however, knives of all sorts would remain the same for centuries. Named for the emergence of simple metalworking, the Bronze Age (beginning roughly sometime after 3,000 B. And while the technology was still largely rough in its execution, the era of bronze really marked the moment at which knife-making began turning into an art.

As long as they have been used as tools, they’ve also been used in combat in some form or another.

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Like its larger counterpart, the Gladius (a short sword), this was a standard-issue close combat tool carried by Roman soldiers.

At the height of the Roman Empire, these blades were as commonplace as any other weapon and, in fact, were the very weapons chosen by the conspirators who betrayed and assassinated Julius Caesar.

As it turns out, the two primary purposes of this particular knife seemed to be that of assassination and suicide.

Of course, fighting knives of this period were not relegated to western culture, as in the East many examples can also be found.

And while they were often used in close-quarters combat, they were also widely used in performing seppuku – a ritual suicide intended to restore personal or familial honor.

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