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You think that detaching makes it easier to do your job, but it makes it harder for your client.

You can’t ever lose that perspective, that empathy, that caring for them. I think that’s what distinguishes me,” she told New York Magazine.

You can’t stop a Boricua from following her dreams. One day, he’s filing court complaints against Kelis for spending a month in Colombia with their son and two days later he’s publicly declaring his need for a “wife-WIFE” on Instagram. Mariel Colón Miró was just four months out of law school, waiting for New York State bar exam results at the ripe age of 26 years old when she was scrolling through Craigslist looking for jobs.

She stumbled upon a New York firm that was looking for a bilingual paralegal and went for it.

Inga De Carlo Fung Marchand, better known by her stage name Foxy Brown, is an American rapper, model, and actress.

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