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After a long illness Hugh Hopper sadly passed away in 2008.A decision was taken to continue with Roy Babbington - thus reuniting 3/5ths of the 1975-77 line up that recorded the acclaimed "Softs" album.

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Ever since Soft Machine Legacy was first formed, the group has amply demonstrated that it is no mere exercise in nostalgia, lazily mining the Soft Machine back catalog; instead, SML has admirably carried the parent group’s spirit of inquiry and exceptional standard of musical excellence forward into the present.

Since 2016 the band formerly known as Soft Machine Legacy was from then on rightfully called ‘Soft Machine’.

This line up toured extensively including in Italy, France, Japan, Netherlands and the UK.

In 2012 the band was featured at the Frankfurt Jazz festival with special guest Keith Tippett on piano – a successful line-up that played several shows in the UK afterwards.

; also said at the time to have been taken from some stage lighting equipment "Matching Mole").

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