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Those on the committee still are in places of power today.

I was away on a working cruise with little connection to the ground, and as I returned, it seems that many issues have emerged both in Canada and abroad which lead to many questions that are Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem hopes Trump will destroy America, that the Muslims will take all the armies and weapons from the other nations and use them in the "service of Islam": to destroy Israel.

Al-Faisal, who chairs the Beirut-based Arab Thought Foundation, said that a new path, based on moderation, was necessary in order to counter the ‘impotent equations’ of takfir vs. Ayad Jamal Al-Din expresses his disappoint with democracy in the Arab world, saying all the political parties vying for control of Iraq are Islamist with the same goal as ISIS (just better disguised).

He 'wishes' for just one dictator like Saddam, remarking, ' Now we have 10,000 Saddams doing the killing.' The Taliban released a scripted video of Canadian Joshua Boyle and his American wife Caitlan Coleman who have been held since 2012 after being kidnapped in Afghanistan. Clarion Project's Ryan Mauro on Fox discusses the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin as well as commending a tweet by President-Elect Trump called a shooting targeting a mosque in Switzerland a terrorist attack.

Saudi writer Abdullah Alalweet speaking on Saudi Arabia TV says that the focus on sex and women's apparel is not the essence of liberalism -- rather it is the freedom to think as well as the freedom that one gives others to practice their faith.

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