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Through this app, you can find Korean friends online, with whom you can share stories, practice languages, and form connections that could lead to meeting them in person one day. Though the purpose of this application is to practice and exchange languages with people from all over the world, it’s also proven to be a good tool for making Korean friends online.

Unlike MEEFF, it is also easier to remain anonymous in that, while uploading a profile picture is needed, it is such a tiny thumbnail that it is not really the focus.

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Yet another great site to make Korean friends online is Mylanguageexchange!

It’s geared towards those wanting to learn and practice languages by conversing with native speakers of their target language.

It is not limited to just learning Korean but also many other languages are available, so you’ll be getting a whole bunch of value out of it. This site is similar to My Language Exchange, except its purpose is to try and find native speakers, in your case native Korean speakers, living in your area to meet and practice Korean with.

So through this site, you could have the chance to make new Korean friends online AND offline!

This chatting app has been gaining popularity lately, and for good reason.

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