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Others use a filtering system to match you with those that have the highest probability of clicking with you, or use the Gale-Shapley algorithm, a mathematics theory from 1962 (applied by dating app Hinge).

“As a dating app, you have to make that decision and the way you do that as you’re building a dating app is having constant communication with your users and just learning what’s most valuable to them,” says Isaacson.

We do this before we build other aspects on top of the algorithm,” says Isaacson.

“When publications post that you might do better on these dating apps if you like X, that’s because, over time, those apps have learned who their customers are, who their user base is, and what they’re looking for.

“In the case of Dig, this algorithm is going to look very different than a dating app for cat people.” For New Orleans-based Dig, this means matching single dog lovers by not only compatibility between the humans, but also their preferred dog lifestyle.

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