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The 9"x13" tom from the 1965 kit #4 could have also been used.

The same shell was eventually used on the higher priced Super Classics. Rocker II used the standard 1969 lug and cheaper thinner hardware.

It also had a grey flecked paint finish inside the drum so that less visually appealing pieces of wood could be used there. The Rocker Series from 1984 - 1994 had 4ply shells with clear laquer inside.

INTERESTING DETAILS: Here is a great photo showing the two Rogers tom mounts on Ringo's bass drum.

I thought it interesting that the existing holes from the original Ludwig consolette rail mount were not used.

There were other companies that used the keystone in advertising and logos. "Around 1971-‘72 Ludwig also used B & O Badges without Serial Numbers (LVDC)"This web site is not affiliated with the Ludwig Drum Company.

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