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Well, he said most of the girls are well educated but busy with their career.

Apparently some parents send their kids details too This is a dating agency that is serious and not for hookups.

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its up to the guy and girl to carry the flow of the date. Have a good roster of good looking models, get them to memorize some script to cater to a diversity of clientele from different backgraound, then give them a cut of those few k from people that sign up for dating agencies. Her parents are some big time communist mid ranking officials. Anyways, you getting bored with this talk so I end here.

and their filtering part only seems professional through expensive sign up fee and so called professional advice given.. Its a whole bunch of personality test, the stuff that you might get in a job interview or teambuilding shit. Teach them how to get the guys hooked so that they can sign up for more premium services. Ahh, no I'm not getting bored, its just went from dating agency recommendation to setting up a hostess bar , . Its the recruiting good looking and affordable employees from PRC and train them to speak decently with some IT/engineer dudes , and still make a profit, thats the part I'm skeptical off. Thats why I say you cant do that with a pretty farm girl.

Anyway, you do get interviewed before you sign up and lay down the cash.

And you need to prove earning and degree, so its not pure random.

Looking for places like this, so if you see any, heard from friends, whatever, anything at all, just post a reply. Hi guys, Just want to hear from anyone who went or even better, paid for the services of dating agency like Lunch Actually. Of course since they are the one doing the arrangement, you prob end up less date than you want to, even if you're anything goes. Just a brief description of what they do: You fork out 3.5k for a 1 year service You give them a set of description of what you need in your partner, your own stats They match you up and arrange date in their list of restaurant You pay your own bill (and if youre guy , you prob pay for the girl as well)Piap or not thats your own skill I suppose, lol I didnt sign up yet as I dont have any guarantee that i can even get 2 date per month.

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