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Source: Dr L Robbin Lindsay, Research Scientist, Field Studies (for the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Lyme Disease Surveillance Group).

EM Erythema migrans; Ig Immunoglobulin Reproduced from reference 14 with permission from the American Society for Microbiology.

Such a possibility should be considered when assessing patients.

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*Sera obtained after antibiotic treatment; percent reactivity refers to the frequency that the different serological assays will be positive depending of the stage of the Lyme disease infection.

EM Erythema migrans; Ig Immunoglobulin; WB Western blot Data adapted from references 4 and 10.

The most common late-stage symptoms are pauciarticular arthritis affecting large joints, especially the knees, which may manifest weeks to months (mean four months) after the tick bite.

Arthritis can occur without a history of earlier stages of illness.

EM is usually asymptomatic (although it may produce a burning sensation) but is not painful to the touch, like a cellulitis.

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