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Now more than ever, strong independent research on these platforms is urgently needed: rigorous, ethical research access to platform APIs actually users and enhances evidence-based social media literacy.

Such data access is crucial because independent, critical, public-interest research that is conducted in university contexts and is overseen by ethics review boards can diagnose emergent problems and suggest possible remedies.

Locking out such research doesn’t make the problems go away, but simply hides them from view.

If you want to have a message removed you must contact the search engine(s) in question.

In reaction to the Cambridge Analytica controversy, Facebook has recently announced a substantial tightening of access restrictions to the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms it owns.

Had Facebook and Twitter listened to scholarly concerns about undifferentiated third-party data access, political bots, and ‘fake news’, for instance, they could already have acted on these issues well before the political upheavals of 2016.

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