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A complete cast lead-alloy seal matrix dating to the Medieval period, c. The matrix is circular in plan, with a rounded suspension lug at one edge of its upper face and a dimple at its midpoint. It was a flattened disc-shape originally, but now just over half now survives. There is no decoration or evidence of means of attachment on the reverse face.The underside of the die has been well cut with the central design of a fleur de lis within an inner border, surrounded by the inscription: S'ELIEONER CATORIS. The outer face is decorated with a crude six-pointed star in the centre surrounded by crude lettering that appears to read '[...]VCANON[...].

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To either side of this groove the reverse face has unclear, worn raised decoration.

This consists of the letters 'PA[...]' at one end and at the other end an unclear letter or symbol to either side surrounded by multiple pellets in an irregular arrangement.

A beaded cirlce separates the central motif from the inner edge of the legend and an othe… It has a flat, circular die with hexagonally faceted conical terminal.

At its top the terminal flares slightly beneath an integral suspension loop that is flat, oval in form and with a central circular perforation. The outer face bears the inscription *S' ANE DE SPROWESTON (presumbly 'the seal of Anne of Sprowston) surrounding a bird, probably a crow, with two stars above it.

Surrounding this is three arcs, each curving outwards and formed from a double dotted line, arranged in a cruciform pattern (so presumably there was a fourth on the missing side).

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