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But people *can* be nice and be in the closet, as much as we may disagree with it in principle. It's always the ones that play the best bitches that end up being the sweetest behind the scenes and in real life.After all, isn't every person here who posts as anonymous in the closet? It's America's sweethearts that you have to watch out for. I like her but she has a reputation of running hot & cold with co-stars, crews etc.Without missing a beat, Lana said, "I find Morgan Fairchild to be especially beautiful and stylish."NOHe did not beard for Morgan. In fact, I can post you the article where Morgan said she got pissed because he never wanted to get married. She became a highly publicized AIDS activist and appeared on numerous network news programs talking about HIV awareness and safe sex.

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Then I read that, like me, when she was a kid she dreamed of being a paleontologist, and this intrigued me so I read up on her a bit and she seemed very intelligent. Crystal also fucked Rush Limbaugh so she is a nutty and slutty bi-sexual.

I followed her on twitter for a while but she's a little too productive on there for me - she's constantly retweeting things and it's clear she has a very wide-ranging intellect. I think Morgan is bi as well and gravitates more towards men.

A guy I went out with a couple of times years ago had worked in Hollywood and told me Cheryl Ladd is a lesbian.

He said her girlfriend was someone semi-famous but he couldn't remember her name. But since he was kind of an idiot, i wondered if maybe he was thinking about Kate Jackson. She has always been rumored to be gay and she was rumored to be with the actress that played Kotters wife on Welcome Back, Kotter.

After Morgan broke up with him, I think he even bearded for Donna Mills. That biography also said that when they were together, Morgan sent him off to rehab twice. I think in many relationships, the woman is the one who ends up giving the most. To say someone is far from straight when it is just based on rumors is ridiculous. Some of you need to check yourself about Miss Fairchild and show her a little respect.

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