Mscoree dll not updating

USER32Message Box W(Proc not found) Get User Object Information W(Proc not found) Get Process Window Station(Proc not found) ADVAPI32Register Event Source W(Proc not found) Deregister Event Source(Proc not found) Report Event W(Proc not found) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- === === === C:\msvc14\unpacked-msvc14\sbin\=== ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- === ssleay32=== === C:\msvc14\unpacked-msvc14\sbin\ssleay32=== ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- === vcruntime140=== === C:\msvc14\unpacked-msvc14\sbin\vcruntime140=== ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- === === === C:\msvc14\unpacked-msvc14\sbin\=== Updated by The Flying Corpse on 2016-08-04 Note, these commits are for compatible executables. A separate manifest that is handcrafted works well btw.

mscoree dll not updating-58

NET Framework (version 4 Client Profile, 4 Client, 4, 4.5 RC) or The Medical Manager MMClient by Microsoft (

Description: is not essential for the Windows OS and causes relatively few problems. It can change the behavior of other programs or manipulate other programs.

[ ] Solution to methods and its inclusion of clrchecktask, this is the last hurdle for icinga2 itself in the code.

NET Framework is a software framework that provides a runtime environment and code library for application development, testing, and execution. NET Runtime Execution Engine, a compiler that coverts higher-lever code into machine code.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- === === === C:\msvc14\unpacked-msvc14\sbin\=== ERRORS: KERNEL32Create Named Pipe A(Proc not found) Please use API Create Named Pipe W as substitution.

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