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The next thing I saw was her handing money over to Jacob.Then I found myself reaching into my bag and taking out cash, too. I asked him how he met her, what she looked like, how the date went, and why it ended.

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I also like eating out at restaurants alone, with a book.” She says “I’d like to be with someone with a sense of humour.”My preferred first meeting is coffee, then a second meeting would be an activity followed by coffee or lunch.

If things progress, I would like to go on a proper date. I know from experience that first dates are really interviews. We have the same values and a similar sense of humour.

He told me he was going to get some dinner and asked if I wanted to join him.

I sensed he needed someone in his life who could be a sounding board as part of his healing from his past relationships.

I knew that if I dated him, I would be his rebound girl, and I had no interest in that, so I decided we would just be friends.

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