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It’s a long and complicated tale involving fraud, forgery and conspiracy, a private bank she claims was founded with his money, and properties she says were purchased in his name long after he died.

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'And this insanely dashing, incredibly beautiful, incredibly successful, wonderful man asked me on a date. A very successful entrepeneur.’ It’s complicated, she adds. 'He was sweet, and didn’t have tons of baggage,’ she says, astonished. 'Marc sent us the entire grunge collection, and we burnt it in the backyard.

Because it was so scary and offensive to us.’ We talk for hours on this call, although Love is multitasking.

Before we can really begin talking, however, her mobile rings and I sit awkwardly for nearly an hour while she discusses her desperate financial situation and rails against her former fiancé Edward Norton, who, she claims, persuaded her to invest a $300,000 nest-egg that she says has now disappeared.

Afterwards, I say I’m assuming the call was confidential, but she asks me to put at least an impression of it in.

There’s also a brief exchange with Lily Allen that turns into a protracted fight between the two on Twitter, revolving around Chanel couture.

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