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Curious if I was the only one who felt this way, I enlisted the help and opinions of two of my friends who have lived and dated in both the US and Norway as well as a very good blog about a French girl living in Norway called the Frog in the Fjord. He is blonde, blue-eyed, grew up in the fjords and comes from a long history of sea-faring people. This is a very unnatural place to find a Norwegian man but I have discovered that occasionally they venture into the unknown for limitless amounts of time and return to their homeland to continue life in a contemplative state. For example, the first time we chatted, he asked me what my five-year plan was, if I believed in monogamy and then told me we could never be together, even if we wanted to be. Did I mention this was NOT a date and only our first real conversation?!

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This is often initiated by Norwegian women, who are much bolder and prone to eye-contact than their typical male counterparts.

After a drunken night together, a young couple may wake up together and ask themselves, “so are we together now?

Say computer shopping, or to eat lefse at grandma’s house. For example, a Norwegian man may ask a girl if she would be interested in moving to a remote village and living next door to his mother if they were to have kids… Did you notice it’s asked as “if they were to have kids” and not “if they were to get married”?

The reason is Norwegians don’t get married as much as we do in the US.

I don’t choose my man to satisfy any of you or the norms or boxes you have chosen in your mind for me to be in.

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