Online dating multiple sclerosis

I had a preliminary look at free online dating sites and apps.I almost went running for the hills and abandoned the endeavor altogether. I haven’t been really active on match since November.

I’m just so scared that I’m gonna pick the wrong guy again. It’s in my morning affirmations to take away the fear. It takes a really good guy to want to see past the multiple sclerosis.

Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m becoming too closed in my own walls and I’m too scared to be in the world again. It’s very difficult when you have a disease because there’s more that goes into dating.

You’re single and you have decided to dive back into the dating pool. The most valuable lesson my MS nurse taught me was to budget my energy like I would with money.

This time around, you are carrying MS as extra baggage. Through online dating, I was able to allocate my energy for meeting people I already felt a connection with.

I started realizing how good of a person I am, in this past year, by starting on my spiritual journey. If it wasn’t for the love in those relationships, I couldn’t have had the pain, because if I didn’t love them, I would have grieved their end. I don’t think I can do the traditional dating in the online world. I also think he’ll be more like me fighting his own chronic disease.

Last modified 20-May-2020 07:49