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Liveops online call center jobs from home give you the flexibility to work on your own schedule.You get to be your own boss in a role that allows for the flexibility and self-sufficiency that are crucial to a happy work environment.You still have responsibilities Your work will need to meet the terms you accept in your independent contractor agreement and statements of work (SOW), which outline client campaigns and expectations. Building your skills to build your business Liveops is known for the skill-building courses and learning materials you can access to help grow your business.

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Health insurance and retirement planning There are many ways contractors can get insurance coverage and save for retirement. Others get coverage through their state's health insurance marketplace.

Supplementing retirement, disability or other income Many contractors use their Liveops business for supplemental income.

Most opportunities pay a per-talk-minute rate, so the more calls you take, the more you earn.

*Actual earnings vary depending on opportunity selected, call volume, number of calls taken, and other factors.

You're in control As an independent contractor providing services to Liveops and its clients, you control where, when and how you work.

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