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siz111: m21 uk u Ho T_g1rl15: kk Ho T_g1rl15: i am french canadian Ho T_g1rl15: Ho T_g1rl15: what is your clothing style? As you can see I didnt wanna bother pranking this guy,he continued to ask for my email after I linked him to a guy getting pooed on he was really an idiot,had to get rid of himdavied_bekham are u smoking caligirl86: CLEARLY YOU ARE caligirl86: CAUSE YOURE AN IDIOT caligirl86: NOW BE GONE I NUT IN YOUR MOUTH caligirl86: IM THE ONE WHO SHOWED YOU MY PICTURE OF ME GETTING CRAPPED ON davied_bekham Guest_49719: hw hot r u hot_girl14: really hot hot_girl14: want a pic?

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Hot Horny Girl: Yes Hot Horny Girl: With my 9 inch cock Hot Horny Girl: HA HA HA Hot Horny Girl: GOTCHA Hot Horny Girl: I RAPE YOU Hot Horny Girl: AND KILL YOU Hot Horny Girl: MUHUHAHAHAHA Hot Horny Girl: FUCK YEAHHeres another one (hes a guy : P)c2cmale: hi Hot Horny Girl: Hi c2cmale: asl Hot Horny Girl: 18/F/UK c2cmale: have u msn Hot Horny Girl: NO Hot Horny Girl: I WILL NOT POLE DANCE TO YOU c2cmale: why Hot Horny Girl: I DONT CARE IF YOUR A FULP Hot Horny Girl: I DONT EVEN CARE IF YOUR TOM FULPHot Horny Girl: SHUT THE FUCK UP Hot Horny Girl: FATMAN c2cmale: ý am fit c2cmale: and huge %%%% Hot Horny Girl: SO WHAT Hot Horny Girl: I HAVE SOMEONE WITH 90 inch COCK Hot Horny Girl: IN YO FACE Hot Horny Girl: BI ATCH Hot Horny Girl: BOOYAH Hot Horny Girl: *drums*another SHORT one:sexycaliboyy: heyy babyy you naughtyyyyyyyy? I was pranking some girl named Xx Kittysex Xx or something like that, and my dad walks in. I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: ya lisa_sexi_6969: i penetrate deeply lisa_sexi_6969: your ass is bleeding lisa_sexi_6969: you have a shiny new hernia now I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: oh baby make me feel good lisa_sexi_6969: i pulll my cock out your ass lisa_sexi_6969: there is shit hanging off of it lisa_sexi_6969: i wipe it across your face and give u a dirty eyepatch lisa_sexi_6969: yea then i fuck your eye lisa_sexi_6969: mmm the shit stains lisa_sexi_6969: well? lisa_sexi_6969: i wanna put my cock into your urethra! thehitman_55: want to cyber sex lisa_sexi_6969: fyea thehitman_55: how old are u lisa_sexi_6969: 14 lisa_sexi_6969: wanna cyber?

Here's a hilarious log: Big_Dick_Mike I went in as "caligirl81," and I seriously got about 5 requests for cam shows... Maybe I should work on the "To Catch a Predator" staff. The best one is when you can get them on MSN, get them to go on cam, then tell them you're with the police and that you know where they live. Im Hot_girlhot_man: hi Hot_Girl: hi hot_man: asl Hot_Girl: wanna cyber? but first lets cyber sex An On Im OO: ok An On Im OO: start bb 14_Year_old_hot_girl: i touch your hard crotch 14_Year_old_hot_girl: i feels so manly 14_Year_old_hot_girl: i take off my top 14_Year_old_hot_girl: revealing my large breasts 14_Year_old_hot_girl: i take off my skirt An On Im OO: hummmm 14_Year_old_hot_girl: and stick my 10" cock in your pooper 14_Year_old_hot_girl: hahahahahaha An On Im OO: . Unless they just switched the age since the last time I checked 20 is LEGAL.

despite the fact that I told all the IMers that I was 14. hot_man: have pic hot_man: you look like Hot_Girl: wanna cyber? 14_Year_old_hot_girl: Paedo An On Im OO: im 16I love doing this You should kill yourself because you are retarded. This topic is about trapping PEDO'S with UNDERAGE GIRLS.

H0Tg1rl69: yeah Randy Andy: good H0Tg1rl69: wanna see my pics sweety?

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