Paul bettany dating history

In the comics, Vision has long held a desire to know what it means to become human.

It's part of what drives him to become involved with Scarlet Witch to begin with.

After all, there's a reason why the franchise has grossed more than double the take of its closest competitor at the worldwide box office.

But if there's one thing the films haven't done a very good job of, that's selling the audience on Scarlet Witch and Vision's relationship.

The Ingrassias were in the news last year for a condo purchase they made at Pierhouse, the controversial development in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

They paid $10,669,579 for their apartment, Finance Department records indicate.

Wanda rightly calls him out on his creepy behavior, telling him, "We talked about this." That means he's barged in on her before and has continued to do so explicitly against her wishes. trying to keep Wanda from leaving the mansion when she wants to go outside.

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