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Update awstats and you can see the countries information your visitors are visiting from.

By default, Awstats will be updated everyday, if you want to update Awstats in real-time, just add a scheduled task.

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PCI was failing due to expired certificates on TCP ports: smtp (25), urd (465), imaps (993) and pop3s (995) System running Plesk 9.2 and imaps and pop3s was handled by courier.

Updated the self signed certs for courier pop3s and imaps by: [bash]# cd /usr/share/courier-imap [bash]# cp old [bash]# cp pop3pop3old [bash]# ./mkimapdcert [bash]# ./mkpop3dcert [bash]# /etc/init.d/courier-imap restart Stopping Courier-IMAP server: $ Stopping imap done $ Stopping imap-ssl done $ Stopping pop3 done $ Stopping pop3-ssl done Starting Courier-IMAP server: $ Starting imapd done $ Starting imap-ssl done $ Starting pop3 done $ Starting pop3-ssl done[bash]# /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_tcp -H hostname -S -p 993 -D 1 OK – Certificate will expire on 02/26/2011 .

The main configuration files are /etc/awstats/and /etc/awstats/awstats.model.conf, all the changes you made will only be effected to the new websites.

If you have websites which had awstats enabled, you can find configuration files for existing websites in /usr/local/psa/etc/awstats/.

To that effect, we need to provide it with a valid hostname.

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