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You’ve probably tried shooting music videos or live shows, and one of the biggest challenges was rounding up enough camera operators or, even if you were placing cameras for static shots, having to start the video recording at the right time and then syncing it all up in a video editing app later.

Audio sync was another problem—after importing all your footage from each device to your video editing app, you would have to sync each video source to the audio recording, which involved a lot of nudging, dealing with frame and sample rates and, generally, it was a task that would test anyones patience.

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I wanted Camtasia to recognize two webcams, show them both simultaneously on one screen & record the screen that is showing the two video streams playing. I think that's a little different from what you were talking about maybe.

The i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch video capabilities have improved enormously over the last few years—to the point where video quality is more than adequate for shooting music videos or live shows.

But, again to try to answer your exact question, you could record a 2nd webcam with a different program (other than Camtasia) and show it's preview window (it has to be a program that offers a preview window) on the screen you are recording with Camtasia.

That would get you one video track that has the screen video captured, along with a webcam (in the corner, let's say) -- no editing to marry the two together.

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