Reasons for backdating council tax benefit South georgia sex chat

Before a backdating award can be considered you must be able to prove good cause and show why you did not claim earlier.If you or your partner, are aged 60 or over, and you claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction (or both), your claim will automatically be considered for backdating to an earlier date.

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There is no formal definition of 'good cause' - each case will be decided according to its own individual circumstances.

However, the reason that you give for the delay in submitting your claim must show 'good cause' continuously for the whole of the period that you want your benefit backdating.

Once we’ve considered your evidence, we’ll let you know if your claim was successful.

If you claimed backdated council tax support, any backdated support will be shown on your council tax bill.

If there is a reason that has stopped or delayed you applying for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction you can ask for your claim to be backdated so that it starts from an earlier date.

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