Row editing and updating in gridview in asp net Video chat girl sex

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When I click on submit button to update the checkbox selected rows, execution time is taking too much to update the rows in table. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue and reduce the execution time to update all the records within few seconds. You can play around with changing the value of 100 to something like 500 or even less to come up with the best update batch.

Please see the code: protected void Change Status Global Sensitive Non Sensitive Report() lbl Updated Rows Msg. I solved this problem by maintaining View State, Preserving all checked checkbox state and storing in view state.

I need to do the updating operation on what row is clicked.

" Select Command="SELECT a.tenantcode,, a.fixedrate, a.percentrate, a.percentage, b.locationd, c.status FROM TENANTNEW AS a INNER JOIN LOCATION AS b ON a.

Now you have to specify which database the Sql Data Source control will get data from. Click Next two times, leaving the default connection String name.

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