Rrd cacti not updating

--ck amount of file handles can be tuned via the kernel parameters.

It doesn't look OS-related based on what I can see. At the moment /proc/sys/fs/file-nr reports 4184 allocated, 2105 free, and 26112 max.

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I just finished my proof-of-concept with Cacti, got all the way through my myriad change control and approval processes, and now the rrd functionality in Cacti breaks. Warning: popen(/usr/bin/rrdtool update /usr/local/cacti-0.8.4/rra/asead310_load_1min_269--template load_1min N:0.04,r): Too many open files in /usr/local/cacti-0.8.4/lib/on line 57 Warning: fpassthru(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /usr/local/cacti-0.8.4/lib/on line 71 update /usr/local/cacti-0.8.4/rra/asead310_load_15min_270--template load_15min N:0.04 Warning: fopen(/usr/local/cacti-0.8.4/log/rrd.log): failed to open stream: Too many open files in /usr/local/cacti-0.8.4/lib/on line 275 I understand the notion of what "too many open files" means, but how do I deal with this situation?

Can anyone explain why these errors (below) are occurring and what I can do to fix them? Steve -- Steve Ferguson | "In the beginning the Universe Email: [email protected] This has made a lot | of people very angry and been | widely regarded as a bad move." | - Douglas Adams Murphy decided to pay me a visit today.

Since updatev requires direct disk access, the --daemon option cannot be used with this command.

By default, the update function expects its data input in the order the data sources are defined in the RRD, excluding any COMPUTE data sources (i.e.

The system hasn't been rebooted since this problem occurred.

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