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We really don't blame you for enjoying the moment so much, Emma. We wouldn't want to say goodbye to Ryan Gosling either.And who could pass up Emma's adorable figure and dorky cute personality? If we ever get close to him, we're latching on and never letting go. Emma and Ryan were the leads and spent a lot of time together working on their scenes, vocals, and choreography. Emma revealed, "I was very sad when we were done, because we had also rehearsed this for so long and we honestly spent like five months together…

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Before the official prints happened, speeches were made by both Ryan and Emma where they complimented the heck out of each other and the big moment.

And while they were leaving their prints in the tar, they couldn't stop giggling, cracking jokes, and whispering to each other.

Clearly their movies do well and they play a convincing couple. A couple that wins together is a couple that stays together, right? It's nice to see a man giving a woman her due credit.

Well, we certainly hope that's the case with Emma and Ryan. We had so much fun together." That sounds like a confession of love if you ask us! He went on to say, "Emma Stone is just, like, constantly opening Christmas presents." How sweet is that? Everything that man says is so smooth and it's obvious he is smitten by Emma the person and Emma the actress. It's easy to see how Emma could run away with her Gosling obsession. She gets to spend a ton of time up close and personal with the Ryan Gosling.

—the more I secretly wish they were dating in real life. And don't even get me started on them together in Crazy. Anyway, I think these pics and videos prove my point: OK, who's with me? —the more I secretly wish they were dating in real life.

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