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With Kono and Chin, Danny confronts Peterson, demanding that Peterson reveal where Grace is, but when Peterson refuses, Danny responds by shooting Peterson in the right kneecap which leaves Kono horrified and stunned. Steve Mc Garrett: One thousand and forty eight steps. 'Cause I don't want to get halfway up and have to carry you back down. I was shot-put champion three years in a row in high school. You know how to throw little balls around; that's great. I thought Manhattan was the only island you'd ever set foot on. So any calls you make or any calls you receive, I'm gonna know about. Danny's cellphone rings with a call from Mc Garrett) Rick Peterson: Don't answer that.

As Peterson lies on the ground, wounded, Danny tells him to give up the location or else he will shoot Peterson in the head. Danny Williams: Listen to me, listen to me, you son of a bitch. Can you look around and tell me where you are right now? Danny Williams: Uh, Rick, just please just tell me what you want, Rick. Danny Williams: Rick, you got a beef with me, you can come, you can put a bullet right in my head. Rick Peterson: Listen, when I hang up the phone, you're gonna take your cell and your gun, and you're gonna throw them out the window.

Now consumed by revenge, Peterson has come to Hawaii to get back at Danny.

During a fundraiser, the body of a young woman is found.

Due to Governor Denning refusing to lock down the hotel, the H50 team are forced to launch a low-key investigation with the outcome ultimately costing one of the team their job.

osenumelj norten osejnu An Air Marshal and a friend of Detective Danny Williams is found murdered in a bathroom on a plane, prompting the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force to investigative.

As the investigation progresses, the team discover that the prisoner the victim was escorting, "Rick Maguire", is an alias as the real "Rick Maguire" died two years previously.

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