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It is also worth noting that our primary revenue stream is through subscriptions.” While there is no proof that the app has “sold” user data, the New York Times reported in April of this year on Grindr “sharing users’ H. There is a reckoning coming for all of these technology companies and platforms that are making business decisions without considering [their] moral implications.

In that sense, it's interesting that Grindr has been running a campaign called "Kindr," or other social awareness campaigns that have been trying to shed a spotlight on members of the community who are typically disenfranchised on the platform.

I think what this whole incident shines a light on is just how important the identity and personal beliefs of the tech company leaders really are in 2018.

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We do not share the data of our members with third-party companies. Any time you see a banner ad in an app, what happens is data about you — be it your location, your sexuality, or the app you’re on — is essentially shuttled out of the app and into something that resembles a stock exchange.

In that instant, you have advertisers who are bidding on that impression.

Regardless of Chen’s intention — or, for that matter, his true beliefs on gay marriage or LGBTQ equality — a national spotlight was shed for perhaps the first time on the straight man who owns Grindr, a gay dating and hookup app. I believe the words that he specifically used were that he believed marriage was a holy matrimony between a man and a woman.

What that implies and what that leads one to infer is that he believes that gay marriage is different from — and somehow lesser than — a straight marriage.

When you launch Scruff right now today, ethnicity is not listed on any profile.

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