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But once you move off the app, what do you…If Hamlet had been written and published in 2019, Shakespeare's soliloquy surely would have read, "To flex on one's ex or not to flex on one's ex?That is the question." It's a tale as old as time: You dated someone for a while and it didn't work…When I imagine my perfect date, it usually involves delicious food and wine at a tucked-away spot in my neighborhood.Yesterday Kirsten Ren said honestly that going onto Xiao Zhu’s Tv Show feels really different.

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From getting engaged, to breaking it off, to having to see her crush go on several dates with a world-wide celebrity, it's safe to say she's had a lot going on.…

; born 22 November 1988), previously known as Kirsten Ren, is a Taiwanese actress, model and singer. She is the younger sister of Taiwanese girl group S. Lorene Ren was born on 22 November 1988, in Taipei, Taiwan. Her older sister Selina entered the contest in her place and end up winning the contest.

She didn’t even speak on the phone and directly cried.

Having a secret crush can be fun for awhile, but until someone makes a move, it can’t possibly go any further.

There are…Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse aren't the only Riverdale actors who transitioned from an onscreen romance to an IRL relationship.

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