Sex chat conversation text

As you can see, this photo isn’t one of the pictures she selected for her Tinder profile. Las Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss told Radar Online that she had a sexting relationship with Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, and though she promised the congressman she’d never “rat u out” – well, she did. you keeping an eye on that wackadoodle (sharon) angle for us? Let’s say her princess parts won’t be tingling just yet. Let’s make sure you know how to start a tinder conversation with the Personalized Opener.

i hear liberal girls are very, uh, accommodating of others of course!

)…or if this i not your thing, we can just get drunk and have mad, passionate sex! i am being bold and leaving u my 702 — —-!

The site obtained the Facebook transcript from their sexually explicit chatting, which started in August of last year and ended on June 1, just after Weiner accidentally tweeted a picture of his crotch, setting off the scandal that has not yet subsided.

The full 11 page transcript is here (full transcript from Radar Online).

I included it in a free video with 7 real life text examples 2 bonus follow-up lines to use after the opener. Imagine the following situation: Your alarm goes off in the morning and you calmly wake up. Let’s break it down and learn from this mistake: Nope. The spontaneous row of heart-eye-emojis followed by the “funny” question about being her first mistake this year, say enough.

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