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1995 has to be amended accordingly or replaced altogether, in consonance with the changes made in the new CSC Rules on Sexual Harassment. in the premises of the workplace or office or of the school or training institution; telephone, cellular phone, fax machine or electronic mail.WHAT WILL BE THE CONTENT OF THE ANSWER OF THE RESPONDENT?

directly participates in the execution of any act of sexual harassment as defined by the Administrative Disciplinary Rules on Sexual Harassment Cases; 2. Lead in the conduct of discussions about sexual harassment within the agency or institution to increase understanding and prevent incidents of sexual harassment. In the absence of a CODI, the head of office/agency shall cause the creation of a CODI in accordance with the law and rules and transmit the complaint to said Committee. In the absence of any one of the aforementioned requirements, the complaint shall be dismissed without prejudice to its refilling. Are complaints sent thru telegram, radiogram, electronic mail or similar means considered as filed?

induces or directs another or others to commit sexual harassment as defined by these Rules; 3. Yes, if the requirements provided in Section 12 (b) of Resolution No. In the absence of the said requirements, the complaint is considered non-filed.

Sexual harassment, which has been declared unlawful in the workplace, training and education environments, will not be tolerated as it violates the dignity and human rights of a person. It supersedes or repeals prior CSC issuances such as MC No. at official conferences, fora, symposia or training sessions; or 6.

WHERE CAN SEXUAL HARASSMENT BE COMMITTED UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF CSC RESOLUTION NO. in any place where the parties were found, as a result of work or education or training responsibilities or relations; 3.


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