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This amazing attraction will please kids of all ages, as well as fans of old highway Americana.

Dating back to the 1930s, Dinosaur Gardens began as the vision of Paul Domke. Domke initially built a gas station and rental cabins on the land.

There are now two parking lots; the one directly in front of the building is a bit small so use the one to the south.

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A bathroom is located in the back of the shop, plus there is another bathroom building just outside. Seniors and veterans get a $1 discount on most activities. For example, buy a dinosaur walk and putt-putt golf combo and save $2.

Sign up for their newsletter and specials may come up. Memorial Day through Labor Day the park is open seven days/week.

Dinosaur Walk – Half mile stroll through the woods with dinosaur statues placed at intervals. Miner’s Sluice – The sluice is a channel of water where guests can sift a gravel mix to find minerals, etc.

Each display has a sign with accurate information about the dinosaurs and other animals. We bought he most expensive bag for our daughter and she found a huge piece of amethyst, several fossils, a few arrowheads, and pother minerals. There is also a fossil dig in a sand box in case you don’t want the kids to get wet.

Guests can also enjoy a mini golf course, mining sluice, and there is a frozen yogurt bar in the gift shop.

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