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Firstly, for many Dom's and Sub's, this isn't a one off event but a lifestyle.

The Dom/Sub relationship extends to every part of that persons life and isn't restricted to the bedroom.

I found the contact of a dom from my research and started messaging her for some tips and ideas which has since evolved in to a great friendship.

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He began asking more and more risqué questions and requests of me.

The one that truly stands out was the desire for a golden shower which also intrigued me and so we performed it and made it a part of our sexual relationship.

To me this was about as out there as I could possibly have imagined although I did enjoy this naughty aspect of our sex lives.

I kept thinking, "what if my friends knew what we were up to?

This wasn't for me (though is for my friend) though it was intriguing to me that a couple can live their lives this way in such happiness.

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