Snow sakura dating sim

I have about 10 hours put into is divided up into five sections: the time prepping for the admission exam, first semester, second semester, internship goals, and the goals for whatever final route you end up on.

It was a perfect combination of not too easy but not too hard; I had to keep checking my stats to see if I was on track, and there were actually two occasions that I had to reload an old save because I had failed.

Dividing the game into smaller sections with individual goals, rather than forcing the player to keep clicking away week after week with no tangible reward, kept wasn’t stingy with funds; quite the opposite, in fact.

Unless you are particularly endeared towards the shopkeepers, there is no reason that you couldn’t completely stock up on supplies and pets in your first turn at the university and then never go shopping again.

It was like some kind of gameplay miscommunication occurred wherein the developers wanted to have a financial management mechanic but forgot to actually make it necessary to carefully watch your finances.

This might sound frustrating, but honestly it was more depressingly funny and sad than anything else.

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