Southern belle dating rules

Most of the men I’ve dated while in the South have been black and nearly none of them had any non-black friends.

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But the couple times I’ve tried fishing, I freaked out when I did reel something in (which was hardly ever) because..was MOVING! One guy I dated was keenly aware of where we were walking, always making sure he was on the side where there was traffic. The first time it happened, it was random and unexpected.

After a little cuddling, he went to the bathroom and returned with a warm wash rag.

” or “Can’t you miss ONE Sunday dinner to go see this movie with me? They’re not afraid to discuss starting a family and building a home together.

Initially, that was one of the biggest surprises for me.

The south has a lot to offer, and if you find the right girl, you might just end up staying!

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